MarketRIGHT strategy planning | from £1,950

My no-nonsense, customer led marketing view of businesses is changing businesses all over the UK.

In working to help clients ‘meet customers’ needs profitably’, they apply winning strategies to the targeting, acquisition and retention of customers.

It's perfect if you struggle to niche, struggle to be consistent and creative and ultimately want more 'warmer leads' coming into your business. 

Why MarketRIGHT works so well in manufacturing and engineering

In this short video (coming soon), René explains why our unique hybrid sales and marketing planning process works for most B2B companies.

He talks through the six key elements we include in the process - a process that has enabled clients to uncover real lightbulb moments in their thinking, giving them greater clarity on taking their businesses forward.


“Rene’s Marketing Plan In a Day has really helped us focus on our B2B marketing and sales efforts. In order to spread the word about our fantastic products and services to areas that are not yet familiar with our brand, we need a coherent plan we could all sign up to. I would recommend him to anyone in a similar position.” - Matt Carr, Carrs Pasties

What we cover in Marketing Plan in a Day:

Understanding your customers

All our marketing work starts with understanding customers - who they are, where they are, where they go, who they listen to and their decision making. The first step to being really able to effectively #MarketWithIntent.

Understanding your business

We find out what works at the moment and what hasn't. We look at the brand, the values, the type of business that has been attracted to date and where you sit in the market. We'll consider your competition too as we look to establish USPs.

Planning for growth

We draw on some well known tools (BCG and Ansoff) to establish where short term and medium growth can come from and begin to prioritise opportunities. We establish a number of growth strategies and maybe create some new product/services to bolster your portfolio.

Build a sales pipeline

Drawing on our innovative Vision Stratplanner tool, we create a sales pipeline to give you transparency on how many orders > customers > meetings > quotes > phone calls > warm leads are required to achieve growth. 

Set SMART objectives

We help you to create SMART objectives at a business, sales, marketing strategy and marketing communications level to ensure everything you do moving forward is linked to your business strategy, 

Create marketing plan

We apply the right elements from our Incredible 12 Week Marketing Plan model to help you devise a lead-generating and entirely repeatable quarterly marketing programme. You choose what platforms to include.

Brainstorm content

We'll work with you to outline at least one seminal piece of content that will sit at the heart of your initial Incredible 12 Week Marketing Plan. This will be the main lead generating piece that all roads lead to.

Tactical marketing plan

We’ll show you how to systematically create 'micro' content to feed a blog, PR, email and social media machine to draw the right contacts to you and give you opportunities for warm call backs.

Following up

We'll teach you how to follow up effectively on content so you naturally start more conversations without any selling at all. 

The Seven Day Marketing Plan

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Save time and maximise your impact by quickly and confidently plotting a week's worth of integrated marketing activity.

Imagine how much you can improve the prospects for your business by creating a plan that focuses your lead magnet content, blogging, email, social media and more around one piece of lead generating content.