Get to know me.

I've worked in b2b marketing since graduating in 1995. That's a long time.

After a period managing marketing in-house for an international safety equipment manufacturer, I spent a number of years in the agency sector working with global clients in pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, manufacturing, industry, oil and gas, aviation, automotive and more spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Much of my work centred on building bridges and consensus between C-suite, sales and marketing functions and directors providing strategic planning and marketing communication plans that deliver on company growth goals.

Since 2015, I've worked on my own on a coaching, training and consulting basis.

I work best as a full-service B2B marketing partner, project managing strategy, design, content creation and distribution as appropriate, with specialist partners I have lots of experience with.

For retained clients, I design and implement customized marketing plans that work to build your profile, attract and engage the right types of customer, convert interest to leads and help you succeed.  

In driving forward a mission of making marketing child's play, it is my mission to help as many businesses as possible improve the results of their marketing and to make it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

This means guiding clients towards to the importance of robust strategic thinking and practical and consistent implementation.

About René

René has worked in a marketing capacity for 23 of his 25 year working life. When not thinking about the next project, idea or campaign, he juggles being a dad to four active kids, getting through a huge backlog of essential reading, and learning to play a guitar that has sat unloved for far too long. Long held ambitions include writing fiction and non fiction books, speaking at TedX and establishing a viable entrepreneurship programme for school kids. Don't hold being an Everton fan against him, he's not a bitter blue.


The pathway to working with me is straight forward. You can grab a free 30 minute appraisal if you are genuinely looking for support.

(1) Book a 30 minute call using our online calendar if you're serious about making marketing child's play for you.

(2) Then I'll join you for a fact find, understand where you are now, where you want to get to, what your current state of marketing is and assess next steps.

(3) I'll follow up with a short summary of next steps - this could be coaching, training, strategy or implementation - confirming an outline scope of work, timings, terms and conditions and payments. No proposals. No long winded strategy documents.

*Please note if you want specifically tailored recommendations at the outset, you should be booking a paid 60 minute PowerUP session.


"René is highly skilled in marketing. He has provided some invaluable advice and strategy to me and has been instrumental in helping me with my branding. I would highly recommend René to all business owners."

- Paul McGowan How? Financial Review Stockport Ltd

Let's make a start

If you're lacking direction, creativity or want to be more consistent, I'm here to help. Find out how my innovative planning-into-implementation approach can work for you and take the first step today!