Marketing support packages from £500/month

Replace an expensive in-house marketing function or agency relationship with a comprehensive portfolio of dedicated services.


Why hire in?

In this short video (coming soon), René discusses the benefits of bringing in external marketing expertise and how tapping into an outsourced marketing professional can propel your marketing forward in a focused way, supporting existing resources.

"I don’t comment about other people’s work very often, but René is one of the few people I’ll make an exception for. If you want to engage properly with someone and not just ‘follow the rules’, be prepared for some tough questions and awkward truths. It leads to work that is miles better than doing it alone. You’ll be a lot better for it, unless you work in the industrial paint sector in which case he’s off limits." - David Beckford, Prontopaints Ltd

Monthly support packages

Employing a marketing manager at a minimum of £30,000+ a year plus the related costs and marketing spend is a big hit for many SMEs. Interns and graduates can be a financially attractive option but you miss the expertise and experience to align marketing with business and sales goals.

In short, you'll save a ton of money and time working with a trained, qualified and 25 year experienced marketing consultant like René who provides the strategy and tactical implementation in one.

Take a Marketing Plan in a Day strategy session and then consider the level of support you think your business needs. The deeper we go, naturally the more time is involved - but the more outputs and outcomes we are able to achieve for you.

Each package below is designed to help you step up the results of your marketing activity from increasing visibility and positioning from a standing start (Essentials), building more of a refined process with original content (Advanced) to a consistent and confident lead generating system (Premium).

Other services and specific project support (such as brand and positioning, website development and management, video creation and managing individual social media profiles) can be added to create a tailored approach and these can be quoted individually.


Basic level of marketing support designed to increase your visibility and positioning, activating key channels.

Essentials includes

  • Curated social media on agreed topics (once daily)
  • 3 original posts a week on two social platforms
  • One new piece of website content/month (blog, news or case study)
  • Simple one page reporting
  • Two hours consulting /month




More thorough marketing support delivering original content to build engagement and deliver leads to your business.

Includes Essentials +

  • 5 original posts a week on up to three social platforms
  • Two pieces of web content /month (blog, news or case study)
  • One monthly email newsletter
  • Three hours consulting /month



The package for businesses looking to use modern marketing techniques to build an audience create sales.

Includes Advanced+

  • One lead magnet/month (checklist, how to, resource guide, case study, video) plus
  • One lead magnet 4 x email nurture seq/month
  • or One press release/month
  • or sourcing Speaking/editorial opportunities
  • Detailed analytics
  • Four hours consulting/month


"Testimonial" - client name, company

Choosing a marketing consultant

Here's a short download with a bunch of non-negotiables that you might want to refer to if you are looking for marketing support in your business.

It will help you compare and contrast a short-list of marketing consultants or agencies you may be drawing up. Point 7 is always something that non-marketers wish they'd considered during their search.