60 min PowerUP | £99

My PowerUP marketing calls have helped scores of business owners since launching in 2017. No more waking up and winging it. It's time to MarketRIGHT.

The original PowerUP - inspired by the SuperMario mushroom eating power up immediate transformation - is the quickest way to get fast 1:1 attention from me, an award winning b2b marketing pro.

See below for all the ways a PowerUP can impact you and your business.

You don't even need to like mushrooms!


“If you've not had a PowerUP with this man, I would highly recommend that you do. His perspective is fantastic and from feeling overwhelmed this morning I now have a much clearer idea of where I need to focus my efforts for the best effect on my business.” - Alison Cook, EADR

Why I started offering PowerUPs

In this short video I explain why I started offering PowerUPs back in 2017.

And I talk about how a focused 60 minutes talking exclusively about your business and your marketing really uncovers all sorts of gems that could transform how you see your business, your customers and yourself.

“Having only known of Rene for a short time, I can tell that Rene was very knowledgeable and helpful in providing guidance for how to approach the marketing of the organisation that I recently joined. He is very experienced and I would highly recommend him for any B2B marketing project that you have.” - David Savage, Amalgated Ltd

Ways to use your PowerUP:

General marketing 1:1

A general 60 minute session covering challenges and opportunities - from a commercial marketing and positioning perspective, providing a motivating list of quick-win tasks to create momentum in your business.

Understanding your customers

All my marketing work starts with understanding customers - who they are, where they are, where they go, their decision making. The first step to being really able to #MarketRight.

Real-time marketing review

A live, real time, top line review of your website, social media, search results and messaging together with any provided collateral (ads, brochures, presentations) to bring impact and consistency.

Brand and positioning

Looking deeper at what you are all about and linking your fundamental values and story to how you market your business. I apply my unique thinking and fast acting workshop approach to helping you unlock a powerful brand and positioning for your marketing.

Marketing content audit

I assess how you are using digital content and help you create a plan to draw target customers to your website using checklists, blogs, guides, video and other content. This includes creative approaches to creating content and campaigns fast.

Web assessment

I think websites remain one of the most important marketing tools you have. Is yours working hard enough from a customer, search and promotional perspective? I'll provide a commercial and technical assessment to give you some things to focus on to make it sweat for you.

Maximising social media

Building audience but struggling with engagement? We can look at your activity across the primary social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram) and look at giving you a strategy and some tips to improve.

Mastering your niche on LinkedIn

If you want to really start getting the most from LinkedIn as a professional networking and business generating tool, book this slot to go over your Profile, your Prospecting and your Positioning. This covers everything from how you look to the world, who to connect with and how, and what to say once you have their attention.

Create a marketing plan

The original Incredible 12 Week Marketing Plan audit and plan… in 90 minutes. Requires some preparatory work and completion of our briefing document. Provides a personalised action plan and dedicated customer campaign for up to 12 weeks that can be repeated with new material.

“I have also utilised two "Power Up" Sessions with René. After each one I came away with focus and motivation on how to market my business and a page full of content ideas!” - Kylie Jones, Advantage VA